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What is this Classic Car Webring Thing?
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What is the Classic Car II Webring?

This is a collection of sites with information that is related to all makes and models of classic cars. All makes and models are welcome. You don't have to own a car to join, but your page must be about classic cars.

The RingSurf system is new and the people in charge of RingSurf are still suffering a few 'growing pains', so I should say that it is not always perfect. Hopefully its just a matter of time until everything is smooth (we hope!)

We are attempting to create a 'ring' of classic car sites so that finding one site means that you have found most of them. Searching the internet for classic car(s) turns up lots of information about sites that have lots of info - no info - duplicates - or dead ends. All of the sites in this classic car ring will have fresh, relevant information about our hobby. 

How to Join

Joining is simple, easy, and of course..... FREE! There are a few steps to follow, and they are important. Please follow them carefully to avoid complications with the entire 'ring'. The benefits of belonging should be obvious to all. Traffic to the all the sites will increase, information will be easier to get to, and everyone wins. 

    Make sure that your site qualifies


  • Your site is directly related to classic cars (all makes and models welcome). 
  • Your site is NOT a commercial enterprise (unless you have some good information as well as your product.). 
  • The page that you 'register' is the one that will be referenced from the 'ring'. This must be the one that has the 'ring' information on it. More on that below. 
  • The images used need to be copied to your pages. Please do not link directly to this page. The code is set for having the images in the same directory as your file, but you are welcome to place them wherever you feel they belong.
  • Home pages usually do not qualify if it's not an information source. Please have some extra information on them before joining - not just a page full of links.

  • Now comes the time to register your page.

    This is a bit strange at first, but it works fine. Follow me on this: When you APPLY below, your information is sent to the RingSurf server and is held 'in queue', at this time it notifies me that you wish to be added and also assigns you a site ID number. Now don't give up! Just follow the below Steps.

    Follow the below link to apply for membership to the Classic Car II Web Ring. You will then be E-Mailed a unique site ID number, HTML code and instructions.

    Step1: Click here to apply now!

    Step2: Return to this page after applying.

    Step 3: Add the HTML code (E-mailed to you) at the bottom of the web page you have just registered. The ring server must find it on the exact page you registered.

    Step 4: Then, 'right click' on the below image and save it as "classicweb.gif" in the same directory that your web page is in. If not, the console graphic will not properly display.

    classicweb.gif (3755 bytes)

    Step 5: Notify me via e-mail (with your SITE ID) at to tell me you have completed all the steps. I will confirm the proper installation of your Classic Cars II web ring console and add you to the ring if you have done it all correctly.

    Below is a sample of how your web ring console should look when done.

    classicweb.gif (3755 bytes) This Classic Cars II site is owned
    by ***SITE TITLE**
    Want To join Classic Cars II?
    classicweb.gif (3755 bytes)
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    You may need to adjust the alignment once you copy the code to your page. Different browsers and HTML programs have slight differences in handling code.

    Be sure to check/change the following: 

      ***SITE EMAIL*** this should be the site owner's E-Mail address .... YOU! 

      ***SITE ID*** replace this with the Site ID that was returned when you register(ed) 

      ***SITE TITLE*** replace this with the name of your site.

    Please do not write asking for help with HTML coding and installing your Classic Car Web Ring console. I cannot help you via e-mail and will not be able to respond to such requests.

    Maintaining Your Link

    If you ever have to modify your Classic Car II web ring information, well, that's taken care of right here! (That's why you have a password)

    Click here to manage your account.

    You are a Net Ring Member (not owner) and your Ring ID is "classic"

    This will allow you to edit your information with your Site ID and Password

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