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Testors 7403 AMX Pro Street Model Kits


Quoting from the assembly instructions included with the Testors AMX Pro Street:

Face it, when you think of American made muscle cars, few will argue that the most popular symbols of horsepower in the 60's and 70's rolled off the assembly lines of the big three - GM, Ford and Chrysler.  Most of us have visions of ground pounding, big block powered Chevelles, tire roasting "Hemi" Cuda's, and pavement shredding "Boss" Mustangs. 

However, one of the healthiest boulevard cruisers to ever hit the streets was from none of the above.  The American Motors Corporation offering to the muscle car horsepower wars of the era was the infamous "69 AMX SS", perhaps the best (race setup), Detroit ever offered in a production vehicle. 

As with other muscle cars of the era the "Super Sport" AMX program was not entirely a factory effort.  AMC contracted Hurst Performance and Research to modify the AMX for Super Stock drag racing.  AMX management pulled 53 AMX two-door sport coupes from the assembly line and turned them over to Hurst for the changes. 

With a little massaging of the engine and virtually no change to the suspension, the first few AMX's were running 11 second et's at over 120 mph.  Later that year with a little tweaking and backing by AMC these cars dipped into the 10 second range. 

Produced for only 3 years '68-'70, the AMX "SS" is truly, one of the least known, and rarest muscle cars of the time.   


Testors 7404 Rambler Pro Street Model Kits


Quoting from the assembly instructions included with the Testors Rambler Pro Street:

In 1916, Charles W. Nash resigned as President of General Motors to start a company under his own sirname.  Two years later he bought the Thomas B. Jeffery Company of Kenosha, WI. makers of the slow selling Jeffery, and a model called the Rambler.  Renamed Nash Motors, the fledgling auto-maker surged up the sales charts, reaching as high as eighth place in industry production during the thirties. 

After the war, Nash pioneered the compact car market with the aerodynamic Rambler as its main marquee.  Wind tunnel testing, and drag coefficients, resulted in their upside down boat looking appearance.  In 1954, Nash merged with Hudson to form the American Motors Company.  Three years later AMC was selling Ramblers almost exclusively. 

In 1969, as a bidding farewell to the long distinguished Rambler Marquee, the American Motors Company issued the SC/Rambler, a limited edition Rogue American.  The SC/Rambler affectionately nicknamed Scrambler, boasted a big 315 bhp 390 V-8, functional hood scoop, four speed transmission with a "Hurst" shifter, heavy-duty suspension package, and a loud, red, white and blue paint scheme. 

Priced at a mere $2998.00, the Scrambler was hardly sensible, in the Rambler tradition.  Tradition aside, the Scrambler was certainly a spectacular junior muscle car, with confirmed road tests of low 14 second ETs in the standing quarter mile at over 100 mph, and a 0-60 mph time of 6.3 seconds.  In all, only 1512 of these gems were produced, triple the number that had been planned. 



Hello AMX fans!!

Many have written me recently about the Mattel AMX project seen at my web site, ..... in which my 1969 AMX was used as the design model by IRT Design.

I am told the new Collector Series Mattel cars will be in approximately 30 days from today, April 8th or end of May at the latest.  I saw them yesterday and have committed to only 52 sets of the AMX/GTX pair.  I am told they are being allocated by Mattel and may not be reproduced after the initial run ..... but as with all Mattel projects, may be subject to revision. I had the opportunity to commit to up to 300 sets, but had to make a snap decision today or risk not getting any at all.

The AMX is part of a 1/64 scale four car 1969 Muscle Car Series. They come in pairs .... a BBG 1969 AMX paired with a Blue 1969 Hemi GTX in a clear collector case, the other pair is a 1969 Olds 442 and 1969 Chevelle (colors unknown) in the same type clear collector case.  Above is a pre-release photo from Mattel and the AMX/GTX set is on the right side.  The GTX is not correctly blue in the picture, but the AMX is accurate.

I was told the retail price is about $30.00 per pair.  If you want one or more of the AMX/GTX sets, send $19.95 each plus $4.05 each for USPS Priority Mail shipping to the address below.  I plan to ship these cars on a first-paid, first shipped basis.  So if the entire 52 are pre-sold and paid-for before they actually arrive, I will not be able to honor any e-mail messages asking that I hold cars and notify after they arrive.  I will only be able to ship the first 52 paid orders.  Any checks received beyond the first 52 will be returned.

Mail orders with cash, check or money order to:

Howard T. Perry
PO Box 690143
Charlotte, NC 28227

Bottom line is that each AMX/GTX pair will cost you a total of $24.00 with shipping to anywhere in the 48 states.  If you live in AK, HI or out of the country, e-mail me at with more info about your location so I can see what the post office will charge to ship the cheapest way.

My plan is to "batch shipments" via USPS Priority Mail, so don't expect FedEx like delivery.  I am doing this as a part of our hobby, not as a business enterprise ..... so please don't be too demanding. <g>  Many of you have ordered the Testors kits from me in the past and know I will deliver ASAP.


Howard T. Perry

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